Enhancing People and Relationships

Address, Enhance and Restore Tapu (wellbeing)


Whanaungatanga can be described as the ‘Practice of our Relationships’ and it’s the quality of these relationships that often determines our happiness and success in life.

The Dynamics of Whanaungatanga (DoW) provides a ‘practical understanding’ of traditional Māori concepts and principles using models, workbooks and exercises that when applied in our lives can help to enhance, restore and maintain our greatest asset in life being Whānaungatanga.

Dynamics of Whanaungatanga was first developed in 1992 by Pa Henare Tate PhD using knowledge he gathered over his lifetime from the many Kaumatua and Kuia he encountered on Marae throughout Hokianga and Aotearoa.


Participants learn to apply ‘action principles’ Pono—Integrity, Tika—Appropriateness and Aroha—Empathy, to make values-based decisions in playing their Roles leading to better outcomes and the achievement of Goals.

The DoW Model diagram